You can contact us for creating or refreshing your website and / or webshop.

Discuss your wishes with us, we will listen to it and come up with the appropriate solution for you and your company at an affordable price without a subscription or annoying fine print.

Because we love our freedom, we also ensure that you are always free in the way you want to deal with your website or digital marketing.

The usefulness of a website?

Do you want a website or do you want to improve your website?
You know that in this time without a website, your business actually no longer exists.
Individuals and companies look for information on the internet before they make a purchase.
If you do not have a website or a website that is not working properly, you will lose an enormous potential in business.
Your website can grow your business.


Are you still unsure whether your business needs a website?


Why do you think people visit a website?

In the first place to search for information. This is top priority for your business.
You must have a website for your customers, the website must contain information about what you can do or offer for your customers.
But of course you also want to know who your customers are and where they are located. That way you can respond to their needs in a more targeted way.

Do you think a website is expensive? Be surprised and request a quote today without obligation.


Your website must be adaptable to any screen and also be easily readable.
You are not going to enlarge your screen to be able to read it, no this has to adjust automatically. Responsive so.
If your website is not responsive, it will score worse in the search engines and you will be less findable.

A fact, in Belgium, 61.17% search via desktop, 32.08% via mobile and 6.75% via tablet. (source https://gs.statcounter.com/platform-market-share/desktop-mobile-tablet/belgium

So don’t miss out on potential customers and make sure your website adapts automatically.


You now have a solid website in terms of look & feel, but is your site also found?
Because this is the most important thing, being found on the internet.

You start by determining a number of keywords that are important to your case and you incorporate them into the titles, text and tags of photos (title tag & meta descriptions & header tags & alt tag).
Combine short keywords and longer keyword phrases. Don’t exaggerate because Google punishes this.
5 per page is sufficient. How do you determine these keywords?
Do you ask yourself what you would type in Google if you are looking for a product or service similar to what you offer?
Put yourself in the position of the potential customer. You can continue to work with these results.

Content marketing & content development

You’ve probably heard about this. You need content for your website visitors and for the search engines.
It is actually the content that is on your site. You must have sufficient, relevant content so that visitors are interested in your content and stay on your site longer.
Search engines will display more pages of your website in their search index.
Go for qualitative content and use different forms such as a blog, specific articles about your business, video, white papers …

Creating content is not that easy and takes a lot of time.
Therefore, simply start by setting up a blog and let it evolve to other media. (social media)

CMS system?

You may want to know how we work and with which system?
We work with the WordPress cms system. Simply put we make WordPress sites.
This is the most popular open source cms with a market share of 33% and a use by around 75 million websites including:

Harvard University
Wall Street Journal
Rolling Stones

Your benefit, less development costs and time. So for you an affordable website. Affordable and easy to adjust in terms of texts and photos.
We provide training to guide you if you wish.


Is my website GDPR Compliant?

As an organization you have to communicate openly with the people whose data you use. For example, you must be able to demonstrate which information you collect and why, how you use it, how you protect it and what the rights of those involved are. The text in which you explain all these matters is called the privacy statement. This privacy statement must be found on your website. There is a good chance that your privacy statement that is currently on your website is already largely in order, but it is still important to review this with a view to GDPR.

Step-by-step plan to be in order with the GDPR:

Privacy declaration
Report the use of cookies to your visitors (If you use cookies)
Link to the privacy statement at the bottom of each form where you request information from visitors. This then counts as an opt-in for receiving newsletters if this is stated in your privacy statement.
Your website must have a secure SSL connection. You can request this via your web host. Also immediately gives a better ranking with Google.
Clean up mailing list. Do this the right way and appeal to the legitimate interest. It would be a shame that you have to rebuild your mailing file.
Click here for an example of a correct form for collecting data from your visitors.
Email Marketing System
When you use an e-mail marketing system, such as Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Flexmail …, you are already sure that the opt-in is in order, because the system keeps an overview of when someone has registered.
Do provide a processor agreement or customer EU Data Processing Agreement from all parties with whom you collaborate and who process your data.

The way we work

  • You are interested and want to work with us. Your wishes and needs are first thoroughly discussed during an intake interview where we discuss the objectives of your company.
    This conversation can be done with us or at your office or online. You don’t even have to move if you don’t have the time or the mood.
  • We get started with a number of things such as SEO, GDPR
  • You get a first presentation of your website and you give feedback on it and we correct what you think is necessary.
  • You will receive a modified version that will provide you with feedback and we will correct it again.
  • You get a presentation from your final website and it goes online after your agreement.

Knowledge is power

You want to know if you are achieving the right results with a website.

It is best to install Google Analytics on your website and regularly interpret the analysis so that you can optimize your website afterwards.

What can you find out?

How many visitors your website has
Whether your visitors are men or women and what age category they are in
Which region your visitors are from
Through which channels visitors come to your website
Which pages are viewed a lot and which are not
What actions visitors take on your website
On which page people leave your website
You can go even further and exactly follow the behavior of your visitors on your website.
Keeping track of your website results is important:

You can increase your online visibility
You increase your brand awareness
You get more visitors to the website
You increase the conversions from your website